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, mitt romney and president obama hit the same state for the third day in a row. today it's virginia. the president will speak at a rally at a virginia beach am amphitheater. as we told you yesterday, virginia is likely to be this year's florida or ohio. the state where returns will mostly resemble the national number. if you want to know how important virginia is to both campaigns, look at where they are buying their tv ads. four of the top ten most saturated tv markets in the country this week are all in virginia. roanoke lynchburg market, and now washington d.c. which of course reaches into northern virginia. three more of the top ten are in ohio. the president leads by five to eight points. today the romney campaign will focus on local issues hitting the president on defense cuts. it's clear the 47% issue is a drag on romney's campaign. he went out of his way at every stop yesterday to show a more compassionate side. >> i've been across this country. i think the president cares about the people of america. i care about the people in america but i know how to help the people of am
itlun virginia. the old dominion went blue in 2008. was that an accident of injury? virginia is a check mate state when it comes to the romney path to 270. >>> mounting pressure and qutions face the obama administration ovethsaul inya that killed the u.s. ambassador. was the white house reluctant to declare it a terrorist attack because it happened on a 9/11 anniversary and the politics of the momentight have swallowed them up? >>> pushback inpennsyania. ted. laws violate anyone's rights. may not matter if a judge decides that the new rules simply can't work in time. good morning from washington. it's thursday, septemb 27th, 12. this is "e day ruow thelsf matching manhattan moments and duelling buckeye banjos in ohio, mitt romney a president obama hit the same state for the third day in a row. today it's virginia. the president will speak at a rally at a virgin beach am amphitheater. as we told you yesterday, virginia is likely to be this year's florida or ohio. the state where returns will mostly resemble the national number. if you want to know how important virginia is to both mpaign
's running for governor and running in virginia like he's running for sheriff." this morning, the president's super pac has put out the first ad tied to romney's infamous video comments. >> behind these doors, mitt romney calls half the american people -- >> dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims. >> victims? behind these doors middle class families struggle and romney will make things even tougher. >> the president jumped on romney's comments in new york during an interview with the late show's david letter marn la doing his best to underline the contrast. >> i don't know what he was referring to but i can tell you this. when i won in 2008, 47% of the american people voted for john mccain. they didn't vote for me. one of the things i've learned, as president, is you represent the entire country. i promise you, there are not a lot of people out there who think they're victims. there are not a lot of people who think they're entitled to something. what i think the majority of people, democrats and republicans, believe is that we've got some obligations to each other and
, and that makes, if you believe the wisconsin-ohio flip, that makes new hampshire, virginia and nevada, maybe the last three tough states. obviously the president feels good about his demographic advantage in nevada and they feel good about the social issues playing in new hampshire. look what that does. brings us to the one state i've always believed is what replaces florida and ohio this year. virginia, virginia, virginia. and it's also not an accident as to why they picked charlotte being a state that borders on virginia. they think they can transfer energy up there. >>> north carolina was a key to president obama's victory in 2008 and democrats are hoping for a repeat this year by holding their convention in the tar heel state, but the fight is on right now for those 15 electoral votes with the latest poll showing mitt romneyry a slight edge among likely voters. joining me now, assistant democratic leader in south carolina, congressman james clyburn. congressman, you're sort of a host of this convention. right? just south of the border. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> in effect, tell me, th
in the country. massachusetts and virginia. polling just keeps coming out of massachusetts. democrat elizabeth warren has a small lead in 3 out of 4 recent polls. the fourth gave the edge to republican senator scott brown. last night the two squared off in their first senate debate. brown played up his regular guy roots arriving at the debate in his trademark green pick-up truck and attacked warren on character. >> professor warren claimed that she was a native american, a person of color. as you can see, she's not. that being said, she checked the box. >> i believed my mother and my father and my aunts and my uncles and i never asked anybody for any documentation. i don't know any kid who did. >> war didn't her best to saddle brown with the republican brand. brown did everything he could to persuade voters he wasn't really a republican -- or at least a moderate. >> this really may be a race for control of the senate and the supreme court may very well hang in the balance. >> listen, i'm the second most bipartisan in the united states senate, was recently named by washington onmagazine as the
at home mitt romney made sulgs jobs on foreign policy. campaigning in battleground virginia, romney offered this message. >> american leadership, the middle east needs american leadership and i intend to be a president that provides the leadership that america respects. >> and romney was relatively measured responding to this barb of the president concerning an interviewing on telemundo. >> i have observed there's a tendency to shoot without aim. >> asked about it, romney chose no, sir to swing back. >> the exact same conclusion the white house reached. the statement was inappropriate. that's why they backed away from it as well. >> but the romney campaign has escalated their attacks on the president this morning telling "the washington post" that the deadly protest sweeping the middle east would not have happened if romney were president. foreign policy adviser rich williamson is quoted, there's a pretty compelling story that if you had a president romney you'd be in a different situation. for the first time since jimmy carter, we've had an american ambassador assassinated. he also
in nine battleground states deciding the election. ohio, florida, virginia, colorado, iowa, wisconsin, north carolina, nevada, new hampshire. bad news for mitt romney, he doesn't lead in a single one. at best within the poll's margin of error. at worst, trails by eight points. this morning, how the nine states stack up. we said it again and again. the president's job approval rating may be the best indicator of where the bout may be. where it is more than 50, the president favored to win. iowa, florida, new hampshire, ohio, virginia, his approval rating below that, 47 or 48 in four. colorado, nevada, north carolina, wisconsin. here is a second way to breakdown the numbers. romney struggled with favorability number all year. that number underwater, more voters have unfavorable than favorable view in six states. romney is in positive territory in just three. florida, north carolina, virginia. finally, a third bucket of looking at these numbers in the extent of romney's problems. for months, romney led on who could better handle the economy. in four more, he trails the president. colorad
. the problem for romney is if he est simile one state away from a win. it's not a florida or virginia. he's a wisconsin away, a nevada away. that's the real problem here. the romney campaign needs ohio back. like this line yestday, they keisd t hmer ones >> he's got one new idea. i admit this. he has one thing he did not do in his first four years he said he's going to do in the next four years which is to raise taxes. is there anybody who thinks onising taxes will help growhe >>no. >> ryan's expression back there when he looks over at portman, kind of intriguing. it would be curious what a thought bubble would be going on over there. but it's a little bitf a change for romney. est rsi t n been accusing t citing increases, i thinking about the health care law, et cetera. a romney adviser put out a memo yesterday explaining how capital gains are taxed. as they say, if you're explaining how capital gains are taxed, not jt calling for different ways ofowering th, ifou sein to explain it, you're losing. romney has also tried to make china a boogeyman and he did it again in ohio yesterday. >>
stumps today in norfolk, virginia. the last stop on his troed charlotte tour. last night the president put politics aside to visit a louisiana town hit by hurricane isaac and talk with local officials about the recovery effort, but he did manage to make a subtle contrast between the recovery efforts taking place today and those under his predecessor during hurricane katrina. >> i want to particularly thank fema and the state and local authorities, because sometimes in the past we haven't seen the kind of coordination that is necessary in response to these kinds of disasters. this time we've seen it. we weren't behind the eight ball. >> mitt romney is keeping a lower profile this week. he's using down time to prep for october presidential debates, but something romney said over the weekend did earn a presidential retort monday, and as the two sparred over their economic plans he got into a battle of sports metaphor. you know at "the daily rundown" we love a good sports metaphor. >> 23 million people are out of work, stopped looking for work or are underemployed. let me tell you if you h
's in the middle of a swing state tour leading up to the convention. he's barnstorms through iowa, virginia, colorado. over the last week, he travels to ohio today and returns to virginia tomorrow before coming to north carolina. also a new ad out this morning called heavy load airing in six battleground states. the obama campaign attacks romney's tax plan and makes the middle class appeal. we'll hear from democrats all week. >> the middle class is carrying a heavy load in america, but mitt romney doesn't see it. romney hits the middle class harder and hits millionaires with a bigger break. is that the way forward for america? >> even as the president tries to cast this campaign as a choice between two competing igs visions for america, where it comes to the question whether americans are better off than they were four years ago, the obama campaign remains a little on the defensive, or at least they did sunday. take a listen. >> -- we were this close to a great depression because the leadership of this president, we stayed that off, we're in the beginning of recovery. >> are we where we nee
in this fox poll and virginia with a five-point lead in florida matching a lot of other polls this week including our own last week. big senate race numbers are also out. after a year long tie, "the washington post" poll has tim kaine leading george allen by eight points. that race was tied last week. in wisconsin, democrat tammy baldwin leads republican tommy thompson by nine points. a complete reversal from the poll a month ago which had thompson up nine. and with four other polls showing democrat elizabeth warren leading republican senator scott brown in massachusetts, a boston herald poll paints a different picture. they have scott brown with one of his largest leads over her in their polling at 49-45. have to love massachusetts. five polls in five days. finally, look at these pictures. space shuttle "endeavour." it's on its way today to its final destination flying piggyback from houston to california. it will do a neat thing today. it will fly over tucson as a tip of the hat to mark kelly and gabrielle giffords. >>> we're looking back at a speech that helped reshape modern politic
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wins six of the eight states and loses ohio and virginia, president's re-elected. that's a problem. >> no question about it, barack obama is favored in the race at this point. it looks close nationally. it is close nationally, even close in a lot of those swing states, but the president's got more options, leads in more places and he's got a likability factor that helps him a lot. just as mitt romney saw in his speech the need to raise his faif favorablety, the president's task last night was to deal with the disappointment factor and give people who vote for him, but don't like the results, a reason to be hopeful and i think that's how his speech was. >> this is my theory on how to see the bump. it's not going to be in the head to head. you'll know if there was a bump. likabilile tility for romney. >> likability gap, yes, romney has not solved that problem. >> we'll see. first poll's in ten days. >> i think it's going to come down to ohio. it's going to be ohio, florida, virginia. that's what we're going to end up watching at the end of the day. >> i think he's added two of the th
pat robinson while in virginia beach and then he found himself endorsing congressman steve king in iowa who, of course, is best known for his tough antiimmigration rhetoric. romney managed a nascar photo op despite bad weather and he warned of secularism with a reference to the democrats omission of god for at least a while from the party platform, language that was hastily put-back in later. >> i will not take god out of the nail of our platform. i will not take god off our coins and i will not take god out of my heart. >> i have to say, again, i just don't get 57 days, this doesn't seem like swing voter appeals. doesn't feel like he's trying to appeal to suburban swing voters. finally, more proof this morning that money will not decide this race. for the first time in five months team obama outraised team romney. the campaign and dnc and their campaign raised $114 million. it was $2 million more than the combined romney haul. where is that money going? this weekend the romney campaign went up with their first ad in wisconsin. it's now the ninth state that they're advertising i
a campaign worried about, all right in virginia, women talk about the sequester in florida we will talk about medicare in this state, we will talk about this and now this week with it sort of -- the campaign is acknowledging, no, no, no, we got to went larger argument and the states will follow. >> mystified people that they haven't just, you know, trained in like a laser on the economy and what's going wrong there and goes back to when he picked paul ryan to be the vice presidential pick that, you know, a lot of the conservatives in the base were happy that because they thought it is going to be about policy, it is going to be things like remake the entitlement programs but that took, you know, a lot of discussion, people like me in the press write more about those things, they need to get back to the economy. >> you know, i guess go back, what was the secret sauce to clinton? was it a laser-like focus or did he win a larger argument? >> different circumstances with clinton but he -- largely, it was the larger argument, of course, it's the economy stupid and get the kind of programs together
. look at mitt romney's schedule. he has done, going back to last week, jacksonville event in virginia last thurl, ohio, friday, nothing on saturday, nothing on sunday, there was a colorado rally that got postponed, an airplane crash in pa web low, colorado, monday in los angeles, not a swing state, today, utah and texas. tomorrow, back in florida. jonathan martin this is not the schedule, what you would expect of a september candidate running for president. >> it does strike me as light, but to be fair to the romney folks, takes a lot of money to be president of the united states. i think he is spending many of those days raising money, not raising money, he is doing debate prechlt the romney folks believe this campaign increasingly is coming down to these three debates. if he misses one swing state rally on one saturday but gets in three hole hours of debate prep, in their eyes, that's tradeoff they will take. there is no question, we are now at 49 days out, getting to the point where one rally every other day is not going to cut t he is going to have to do more. >> remarkable contra
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)

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